Astronomy Laser Pointer

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Warranty: One Year Standard

Accessors: Holder Goggles

Laser Pointer light matches

Green Laser Pointer lighting matches

Burn Hole in black plastic

Laser pointer burn a hole in black plastic.

250mW laser burn paper show

250mW portabel green laser burn paper.

As the chief producer and supplier of astronomy laser pointers, has become the most honest friend of astronomy researchers and enthusiasts.
Comparing with the naked eyes observation to stars or constellations, the astronomy laser pointer will bring us into a complete different world. The naked eyes are nearly touching the star while it is pointing to the celestial objects. From the first creation of the astronomy laser pointer, it has earned large market among those of astronomy researchers and astronomy enthusiasts. Even though green, red and blue laser pointers are all available at present time, while the high brightness and long distance visibility have made the green laser pointer become the most popular gadget for astronomy researchers and enthusiasts.

Application of Astronomy laser pointer:

1.Laser pointer application in astronomy teaching. During astronomy teaching, instead of arm waving and finger pointing, teachers can point directly and clearly to a certain star or constellation. The laser pointer pointing is an effective way of improving the accuracy of pointing stars and the quality of astronomy teaching. The time saving and convenient use have made the laser pointer become a popular gadget in astronomy.

2.Laser pointer application in watching celestial objects through telescope. Astronomy laser pointers mounted on a telescope can help you aim and focus the stars or other objects accurately and quickly, thus the astronomers will observe objects faster and easier.

Caution: Serious damaged might be caused once green laser pointer is pointed onto an aircraft, avoid pointing laser pointer near the aircraft and using laser pointer when the plain is just in the section.

General Product Specifications
Average Output Power 50mW, 100mW, 150mW
Wavelength 532nm (Green)
Dimensions (mm) 13mm x 150mm
Power Supply 2 * AAA Batteries
Switch Momentary ON/OFF Push Button
Duty Cycle 100 sec. ON / 10 sec. OFF
Operation Mode Continuous Wave
Transverse Mode TEM00
Beam Diameter <1.2mm @ Aperture
Beam Divergence <1.2 mRad
Operating Temperature 15 - 35 C
Diode MTTF 5,000 hours
Warranty Period 3 Months
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Output Power 15mW 25mW 55mW 95mW 125mW 150mW
Laser beam dot is visible * * * * * *
Laser beam is visible at night * * * * * *
Laser beam is visible in day light   * * * * *
Can burn holes in black plastic     * * * *
Pop black or dark balloons       * * *
Stings bare skin       * * *
Light black or dark matches         * *
Can burn/cut black electrical tape         * *
Melt rubber and some plastics           *