About us

Astronomylasers.com, one of the subsidiaries of Laser Showcase Co., Ltd, is the first supplier of astronomy laser pointers in the world. Astronomylasers.com has gathered all virtues of the laser diode technology owing to its unique geographic position advantages.

The advanced location has provided abundant high-tech talents and material supply for our laser pointer R&D. As a result, we can guarantee our astronomy dedicated laser pointers in reliable quality as well the output power diversity so as to meet any possible need of anyone of customer worldwide.

Astronomy designed green laser pointers are available with an output power range from 50mW to 200Mw as well as the laser pointer bracket. Our astronomy laser pointer can be used to observe celestial objects such as star or other constellation, which has great improved the efficiency of astronomy researching progress. Besides, this laser pointer mounted on telescope can help people aim at the object quickly and accurately. The laser pointer bracket has also provided a convenient platform for astronomy researches.

With the birth of high power green laser pointer, you can point directly to the stars or any other constellations and feel the virtually touching of stars. According to distance to the objects, you can choose the most suitable laser pointer for observation. The various output power of astronomy laser pointers; you can have an evaluation of which laser pointer in need according to the actual weather conditions. The creation of astronomy laser pointer, depending on its bright and visible beam, has become the idealist tool for astronomy researchers and enthusiasts for watching stars and constellations.

Caution: Serious damages might be caused once green laser pointer is pointed onto an aircraft, avoiding pointing laser pointer near the aircraft and using laser pointer when the plain is just in the section.

We have never stopped our steps to develop more and more advanced laser diode technology so as to provide the most satisfying laser pointer for any one of honest enthusiast of astronomy. The reliable quality and high level service have made our astronomy laser pointers win high reputations worldwide.