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  • Astronomy Laser Pointer

    ranging from 50mW-150mW, is a quite popular gadget among those of astronomy researchers and enthusiasts. Astronomy laser pointer is applicable for teaching, stargazing as well as astronomers watching celestial objects through telescope. Astronomy Lasers provides the best laser pointer for astronomy in universe.

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  • Laser Holder

    Just follow the instruction and keep you laser holder steady, this durable and fashionable laser is a perfect accessory for taking astronomy pictures, pinpointing locations, and positioning constellations and so one. The adjustable height and a potential of 360 degrees rotation has made this laser holder workable on all series of astronomy laser pointers worldwide.

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  • Laser Safety Goggles

    CE certified laser safety protection glasses, designed to protect your eyes safe from the light radiation of 532nm green laser. These are primarily used as a precaution against accidental direct beam contact. Laser safety goggles are always necessary while holding powerful lasers in hands.

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